Chapter 1104

Ryleigh waved to them and walked toward Louis after they left. “Are you waiting for me?” Louis looked at her. “Who else would I be waiting for.” He raised his hand and played with her ponytail. She was smiling widely. “I guess the performance went well.” Ryleigh turned away and was proud for a moment, “There’s nothing that I can’t handle.” Louis pinched her cheek and chuckled. “What do you want for dinner?” Ryleigh took his arm. “I want some roasted chicken, lemon duck, roasted beef, and—” “Why are they all meat?” “I’m craving meat!” Her expression was fierce. Louis looked at her and glanced at her belly. “Oh, do you think you’re…” She paused. “What?” Louis pressed his palm to her belly with a smile. “What do you think?” Ryleigh slapped his hand away. “No way!” He chuckled and pulled her into his arms. “Barbara is pregnant now, so we can’t be too far behind, right?” She choked, then mumbled, “That’s not what I alone can do…” Louis kissed her cheek. “Are you trying to say t

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