Chapter 1105

Mindy looked at her. Xyla was in sportswear and seemed to be practicing her dance moves. Her neck was covered in sweat, and she had a high ponytail on with a bandana, sweat dripping down the side of her brows. “What’s going on?” Xyla curiously looked at Mindy, who was standing at the door, and suddenly froze because of the man who showed up next to Mindy. The door was blocked. Xyla looked at Mindy, who looked down. “I’m sorry Xy, I… You take care.” She escaped! Before Xyla could say anything, Yorrick pushed her inward and closed the door. “Yorrick, this is my home. I might just report you for trespassing!” Xyla pushed him, and he took two steps backward. Unexpectedly, he pulled her into his arms, turned around, and pressed her against the door. “Do it.” He put a finger to her lips and smiled. “I want to report you too.” She gulped. “For what?” Yorrick approached. “Ms. Mayweather didn’t pay me for s*x.” He grabbed her chin and raised her head. “Let’s go to the station and se

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