Chapter 1106

Xyla leaned backward flirtatiously. Yorrick had never seen this side of her before. Then, he heard her saying, “If I become your woman, will I be the only one? Or I have to fight with other women and wait for you to summon me like what the emperor in ancient times would do?” Yorrick pressed his tongue against the back of his teeth and chuckled. “You want to be the only one?” She clicked her tongue and collected her hair at the back. “I don’t like to share my belongings with other people.” He repeated, “Do you want to do it?” She turned her face sideways. “No, I don’t want to.” The smile on Yorrick’s face slowly faded away. He looked at her for a while before rising to his feet. He loosened his tie and asked again, “Are you sure about that?” “Yes, I’m sure about that. I’ll still give you the same answer no matter how many times you ask me,” Xyla replied defiantly. “Alright.” He gazed at her deeply and said, “You’ll come to look for me.” After that, he opened the door and left.

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