Chapter 1107

“Thank you!” the woman replied happily. Naomi followed after the woman. When the woman turned her body around, a hint of coldness flashed across her eyes. After half an hour later, Ryleigh finally got the coffee. However, when she came back, Naomi was nowhere to be found. She looked around, and then she put the coffee down. She pulled her phone out and made a call to Naomi. However, Naomi did not pick up her call. She called her again, and this time, it showed that her phone had been switched off. Ryleigh looked at her phone and fell into contemplation. She wondered why Naomi would switch off her phone. ‘It’s impossible that Naomi would go away without telling me anything. Could it be that something has happened to her?’ When the thought surfaced in her mind, she took the coffee and went to look for Naomi. Ryleigh ran from level two to the restroom on level three, but she still couldn’t find Naomi. She tried to call her several times, yet her phone was still switched off.

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