Chapter 1112

Yorrick sneered, stood back up, and took a glance at the coat on the floor. “Wash it before you come out.” He then turned around and walked out of the bathroom. Xyla leaned against the wall helplessly all of a sudden, laughing at herself. ‘What was I thinking the other night when I didn’t reject him? That’s the main reason this happened today, and it serves me right. ‘So, this is what the end of all bad women looks like.’ Xyla went out after taking a shower, did not turn on the lights in the living room, and was about to walk toward the guest room in the dark. Suddenly, everything in front of her eyes lit up, and the dazzling chandelier made her squint for quite some time. Yorrick’s voice came from behind. “Since you’re my lover now, you should know where to sleep.” Xyla lay down beside Yorrick, and just as she was about to turn her back to him, the man behind her said, “Hug me.” She gnashed her teeth, turned around, squirmed up to him, stretched out her arms, and hugged him st

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