Chapter 1113

Yorrick beckoned her to come over. Xyla walked over, and he wrapped his arms around her waist in public. “They’re all acquaintances. Do you want to give it a go?” Xyla smiled. “Yes.” Helios turned to look at Louis, turned around, and picked up his wine glass. “Since when did Xyla get together with Yorrick?” Louis shook his head and clinked his glass against Helios’. “I’m not sure about that.” Yorrick handed the cue stick to Xyla and looked at Louis. “Mr. Lucas, I heard that your billiard skills are up there. Don’t you want to play?” Louis could not help but think that Yorrick was trying to make fun of him! Helios seemed to have smelled something fishy and took a glance at both of them. He then squinted and smiled. As a person who had always been indifferent to such gossip, this was the first time he was that into a piece of gossip. Xyla knew what Yorrick had in mind. ‘Is he trying to humiliate me by asking my ex-boyfriend, who’s now married, to play a game of billiards with me

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