Chapter 1114

Xyla’s expression froze slightly. Yorrick laughed. “Are you giving me another chance?” Xyla glared at him. ‘Okay, that’s unfortunate!’ “Have you come up with an idea on how you’re going to down that bottle of bourbon?” Yorrick walked to her side and easily pocketed the winning ball before Xyla could even react. He turned and looked at Xyla. Xyla put down the cue, turned around, walked up to the bottle of bourbon, and opened the bottle. Louis interrupted the series of actions at this time. “It doesn’t look like your style to make things this difficult for a woman, Mr. Hathaway.” The people surrounding the table could not help but look forward to what would follow that! Yorrick kept a straight face and only gave off a faint smile. “She’s the one who insisted on betting with me. I’m only acting according to what we agreed upon. Am I really embarrassing her?” Louis met his gaze. “I can’t see what you intend to achieve through this wager.” Yorrick replied calmly, “I don’t plan to

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