Chapter 1128

Nolan raised his hand, rubbed the top of her shaggy hair, and handed her the delicate cake box. “It’s from David.” Maisie took the cake from him and asked, “Did you go to see President David?” Nolan responded softly, took off his coat, draped it on the back of the chair, and slowly rolled up his sleeves. “Is there anything that hasn’t been done yet?” Maisie chuckled. “Does this mean that you’re offering to help me?” “Otherwise, what else can I do?” Nolan raised his eyebrows slightly. “I told you to hire a few more people instead of asking me to wait for you every day.” Maisie sat down on the couch beside him and opened the cake box. “The main reason is that this branch isn’t stable yet. I’ll definitely hire a few more when everything has gotten on board and is moving stably.” She took a bite off the spoon, and it tasted delicious, sweet, and had a slightly bitter aftertaste. “This is delicious!” Nolan cleared the cashier and did the inventory count for her. As Maisie looked up

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