Chapter 1129

Nolan frowned. “I don’t know much about him.” Louis covered his forehead with one hand and looked ahead. “Since you’re idle enough to worry about Xyla’s affair, why don’t you worry about your meeting with my grandfather first.” Ryleigh’s expression changed slightly as she grabbed Maisie’s hand. “Zee, your grandfather... Is he a strict man?” Maisie felt helpless. “He’s just playing with you. Grandpa isn’t a strict man.” Ryleigh’s heart had just calmed down for a short while, but it was flustered again when she met Hernandez in person. Although Hernandez was in a wheelchair, his domineering aura gave others a stern and strict first impression. She stood there at a loss. “Hi, Grand— Hello, Grandfather, it’s nice to meet you.” Hernandez frowned and looked at Louis in bewilderment. “Why did you marry a wife who stutters?” Louis could not help but chuckle. Ryleigh was even more embarrassed. She raised her head and responded seriously, “Grandfather, I’m not stuttering, I’m... I’m nerv

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