Chapter 1146

Xyla exchanged gazes with Maisie and smiled. “Maybe it’s just fate.” Maisie supported her chin in one hand. “Noles and I were still concerned that Yorrick was going to be a bachelor for the rest of his life some time ago. I really didn’t expect this.” Nolan scoffed. “After all, he’s a middle-aged man who’s about to turn 37 years old this year, so there’s not much time left.” Yorrick glared at him. “You’re only three years younger than me.” “Okay, just how old do the both of you think you are now? And yet, you’re still quarreling with each other as if you’re still kids. Zee and Xyla are still here, so can you two not embarrass yourselves when they’re around?” Madam Hathaway might seem to be reprimanding those two men, but she had a wide grin on her face throughout the whole time. Xyla and Maisie both tried their best to hold back their laughter. “Xyla.” Madam Hathaway looked at her and picked up her wine glass from the table. “I would like to apologize for what Yorrick’s mother di

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