Chapter 1147

A few days later, at Stoslo… Ryleigh saw in a news article of the magazine she was reading that Yorrick had admitted to dating Xyla. The article also had the picture a reporter had taken for the couple. “I didn’t expect that they would become a couple!” Louis, who was sitting on the side drinking his coffee, raised his eyebrows slightly. “Isn’t this good news?” “Of course, it’s good news. Xyla has finally found the happiness she deserves, and she won’t think about you anymore.” Ryleigh supported her chin in her hand and held her smile back. Louis almost choked on his coffee, and he put down the cup. “So, this is the thing that you’re worried about?” She chuckled. “I’m only joking with you. I’m not worried about this. I was just thinking about...” Ryleigh lowered her gaze. “She loved you so much back then and even spent six years of her adult life on you. She must have been very sad when the two of you broke up. And now that she found the happiness she’s been looking for, she can

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