Chapter 114

After making the arrangements, Pearl deliberately went to tell Nolan about the incident. She then took a group of people out in search of Maisie. ‘I bet Maisie should’ve become the plaything of those people when we manage to locate her.’ Willow really could not wait to witness that scene now. ‘Maisie Vanderbilt will definitely be ruined tonight! So what if her kids are Nolan’s? The Goldmanns will never take in such a filthy woman!’ Maisie followed the bartender to the lounge, and Pearl was there in the lounge, waiting for her. After the bartender left, Pearl got up and walked toward her. “Ms. Vanderbilt, I’m sorry, the incident from before is all my fault. I wanted to meet you alone just to apologize to you. Can you forgive me?” Pearl grabbed her hand with a solemn expression, seeking her forgiveness. ‘Her acting skills are so believable that I might really think she’s learned her lesson if I didn’t already know about their plan.’ She pulled her hand out slowly and smiled. “Ms.

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