Chapter 115

Maisie walked to the man in black, grabbed a cell phone out of the unconscious woman’s body, unlocked it with her fingerprint, and sent a message to Willow. ‘Let’s get her to come here in another 20 minutes.’ After sending the message, she put the phone back into her pocket and stood up. “Mr. Khan, I’ll leave this to you.” The man in black nodded. Maisie left the lounge and walked toward the balcony. The middle-aged man standing on the balcony had his long blonde hair tied behind him. He turned around slowly, revealing the retro silver-rimmed thin-frame glasses that had a chain embellishment and a dark black suit, which made him look extremely exquisite. “Uncle Erwin, what a coincidence.” Maisie leaned forward with a playful expression. The gentle middle-aged man in front of her was Erwin. From the outside, it was hard to believe that the owner of this astoundingly attractive half-blood appearance was actually 45 years old. If it weren’t because Maisie had known him since long

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