Chapter 116

“Mr. Goldmann,” Kennedy came over all of a sudden, “Have you seen Zee? I couldn’t get through when I called her.” Willow pretended to be surprised as soon as Kennedy said so. “What? You couldn’t get through? Could something have happened to Zee?” Kennedy stared at Willow suspiciously. ‘Why would she care about Zee?’ “No way, is someone really doing such things in the lounge?” “Why would I lie to you? We wanted to go to the lounge just now, but we heard voices coming from inside. Those people aren’t even afraid of being discovered.” The conversation between a few women who walked by caught Nolan’s attention. Willow was secretly complacent when she saw Nolan’s gloomy expression. She then said deliberately, “The lounge..? No way, when I asked the waiter about Zee’s whereabouts just now, the waiter told me that Zee seemed to have gone to the lounge…” Nolan’s eyes were cold and dim as he walked toward the lounge. Willow looked at Nolan’s back while he departed and sneered inwardly.

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