Chapter 1159

What's more, Liam would play hard to get with those ladies. He would reject their kindness, making them look at him in a different light and trust him even more. Not only that, but Liam knew how to keep a comfortable distance from them. He portrayed himself as a kind and considerate gentleman, making those rich wives whose husbands were always busy with their careers and couldn't be with them fall even harder for him. When the time came, Liam would accept the goodwill of the rich wives, taking their money for investment to approach those gold-diggers. It was also thanks to the rich wives’ "investment" that he had the ability to rent luxury cars, villas, and apartments easily. After reading through the information, Maisie couldn’t help but exclaim at Liam’s talent in acting. She was confident that he would have been successful if he could put his talent into good use, and it was only now she saw the reason the editor-in-chief’s wife would fall so hard for Liam. She collected all the

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