Chapter 1160

Liam was stunned for a moment before he frowned deeply. “He has started to suspect you? How is that possible?” He had kept their relationship so well hidden. Besides, Hector had resigned, and with Linda keeping an eye on him, it was impossible for him to expose him. Suddenly, he thought of something and stubbed the cigarette. He then went forward and grabbed her in his arms from the back. “If he really has started to suspect you, why don’t… Why don’t you divorce him? I promise I’ll give you a better life.” The editor-in-chief’s wife was momentarily stunned for a moment before she laughed and replied, “What are you talking about? If I get a divorce from him right now, I won’t be able to get anything from him. If he finds out that I’m cheating on him, he won’t give me a single cent.” Liam smiled back at her but did not say anything. The editor-in-chief’s wife thought of someone, and her face turned dark. “By the way, you haven’t explained to me what is going on with you and that b*

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