Chapter 1174

Naomi turned around. She was calm and didn't have any emotions that she should have upon learning the truth. “Dad. I’m going to look for Mrs. Irving.” She left the ward and bumped into Mrs. Irving in the corridor, who came to deliver them their lunch. Mrs. Irving asked, “Did Mr. Topaz wake up already?” She nodded. When Mrs. Irving saw the solemn expression on Naomi’s face, she asked worriedly, “What happened, miss?” Naomi lowered her head. “You know that Mrs. Gosling is my mother, right?” Mrs. Irving was stunned. She looked toward the ward and said, “Has Mr. Topaz told you everything?” Naomi nodded. Mrs. Irving took a deep breath and replied, “Ms. Emerson indeed is your mother. She was also the most famous celebrity in the entertainment industry that year and was known as the "successor" of Natasha. After Natasha married the head of the Goldmanns, she retired from the entertainment industry, and your father was tasked to be Ms. Emerson's agent. “Ms. Emerson is a passionate wom

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