Chapter 1175

Patricia pressed her lips thin. “I don’t care what you want from Nelly. It was you who didn’t want her back then, so she’s mine, Anthony Topaz's daughter. She isn't related to you in the slightest, Patricia.” Anthony hissed. “How can you be sure that Nelly doesn't want me as her mother? I’m, after all, her biological mother,” she asked. “I don’t want you to be my mother.” Naomi’s voice rang out behind them. Both of them turned around and saw her standing at the door. She was not going to be polite with Patricia anymore. Patricia was stunned when she heard what Naomi said. She did not expect that she would reject her so straightforwardly. Naomi walked up to her father and turned her head to look at Patricia. “I don’t have a mother. I just have a father. For me, this is a fact that will never change.” “Nelly, how could you—” “It’s because of my father that I’m standing here right now.” Patricia’s expression changed slightly when she heard what Naomi said. She turned her head to

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