Chapter 1176

Daisie could still play with Lisa and Colton before they were separated into different classes. Daisie sighed as she suddenly missed the time before their class was divided. “Be careful!” Before Daisie could react, a basketball had already hit her on the back of her head, and she fell to the ground with a groan. A few boys in basketball uniforms ran over to pick up the ball. They looked like students who were two years older than her. “We’re terribly sorry! Are you alright?” Daisie rubbed the back of her head and lifted her head, and her eyes squinted into two crescents as she smiled. “I’m fine!” Those boys froze in place, and all of them had the same expression on their faces. ‘Jesus, I think I’ve just met an angel!’ At this time, a fair and handsome boy came up to her. At first glance, his skin complexion was so fair that it was glowing under the sun. He stretched out his hand and pulled her up. “I’m sorry, they didn’t mean to hurt you. Do you feel pain in any other part of yo

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