Chapter 1178

“Ms. Vanderbilt.” Lucy seemed to be looking for her, and she caught up to Maisie. “A woman has come to our lobby. She claims that she’s here for Naomi.” After listening to what Lucy had to say, Maisie could not help but frown. “How old is the woman?” Lucy replied, “I think she’s in her late 30s to her late 40s, has a remarkable and elegant temperament, and everything that she wears is of all sorts of designer brands. In short, she’s definitely not a woman who comes from an ordinary family.” With that description, Maisie could more or less guess who it was. ‘That’s Naomi’s biological mother. ‘Nolan said that Mr. Topaz quit Royal Crown because of Patricia Emerson. He also mentioned that they had been in a relationship a while back, but it did not go public. Around that time, Patricia gave birth to Naomi for Anthony. However, their relationship ended when Patricia moved on and got married to Alexander Gosling. ‘That’s why Mr. Topaz had to raise Naomi alone. He’s Naomi’s father, but

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