Chapter 1179

Maisie did not say anything. Patricia waited in the lobby until the late evening when Naomi passed by after getting off work and found out that she was still there. She was a little surprised to hear the staff in the lobby say that her mother had waited for her all afternoon. Seeing Naomi, Patricia got off the couch with a smile. Her legs and feet were probably stiff due to the lack of movement, so the way she walked up to Naomi looked unnatural. “Nelly.” Naomi took two steps back, refusing to let her mother take another step closer to her. “Why are you still here?” “I...” Patricia realized that Naomi was wary of herself, but the matter at hand could not be delayed any longer. Thus, even if she had to do something shameless to get close to her daughter, she had just to bite the bullet and do it. “Nelly, I know that you blame me for everything that’s happened to you.” Patricia took her hand. “I struggled a lot too back then before I decided to do what I did.” Naomi’s gaze landed o

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