Chapter 1205

Naomi put her palm to her forehead. She felt that she was being set up! … #Mr. Tanner eloped with another woman.# The wedding between the Hannigans and Santiagos started trending on Twitter, and many people were berating Tanner. Those who were berating him were mostly women because they were calling him out for running away with Sandy, who had made a scene at the wedding. Most of the men were on Tanner’s side, saying it was better for him to run away than marry a woman who was tainted. When Antonio saw the news, he angrily threw the newspaper at the table. “Tanner Hannigan is pure evil!” Mrs. Santiago looked at him coldly. “Are you happy now?’ “I…” Antonio quietly admitted that the Hannigans had toyed with them. He remembered something and suddenly looked at his wife. “Did you know about this?” Mrs. Santiago’s expression was stoic. She had learned about it one year ago. They had been elated when the Hannigans were willing to accept their ‘tainted’ daughter, so they just wanted

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