Chapter 1206

Tanner thought about Pearl. Even though she had seen everything he did with Sandy in the office, this woman had never once shed a single tear. He thought she might have an inferiority complex because she considered herself “filthy,” and it was a gift to her that a man would marry her, but that was not the case. Did she have an inferiority complex? Not really. After all, she had never asked anything from him before. It was more appropriate to say that she was cold-blooded compared to having an inferiority complex. Aloof, apathetic, indifferent—she always had that expression on her face even after learning of his scandalous relationship with Sandy. It was like nothing could break her down. At that moment, Mrs. Hannigan called Tanner and said something to him. He rose to his feet and said. “I’ll be right there.” He took his jacket and went to the door. He had not slept for a whole night, and he was very tired right now. “Tan, are you leaving? Who are you going to see? Pearl?” Ta

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