Chapter 1214

A thorn seemed to have punctured Tanner’s chest, and he felt as if he could no longer breathe. He was silent for a moment and then stood up shakily. “Then take me back.” The pub manager came over and said, “Miss, please send Mr. Hannigan home. He’s drunk too much. We’ll get into trouble if something happens to him after he leaves the premises.” Pearl did not utter a single word. Pearl saw the coat he draped on the couch, picked it up, and followed him out when they were leaving the pub. Pearl was about to cover him with his coat back in the car when Tanner grabbed her wrist abruptly and called her out drunkenly but looked as if he was completely sober. “Pearl.” Pearl froze. She remembered suddenly that Tanner used to call her that in front of her parents a year ago. She smiled, but there was not even a hint of hilarity in her eyes. “Are you still playing your part? But the play has ended.” He did not speak another word. Pearl drove him back to the apartment building. She knew tha

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