Chapter 1215

Tanner put on his clothes and walked out of the room. Someone was making breakfast in the kitchen, and a pleasant scent wafted out into the living area. He walked over in a hurry, but what he saw was not the person that he had in mind, and his expression stiffened slightly. Sandy placed the fried egg on the plate, turned around to look at him, and smiled. “Have you woken up?” Tanner frowned. “Sandy... It’s you... Why are you here?” Sandy brought the breakfast to the table without any trace of emotion on her face. “Have you forgotten what happened last night?” ‘What happened last night... ‘Of course, I haven’t forgotten about that, but I clearly remember that the woman I came back with was Pearl. So how did she become Sandy after last night?’ “Tan,” Sandy called his name and turned to look at him. “I waited for you all the time. I waited for you for one whole day, and you didn’t even come back to me.” Tanner’s lips were pursed into a single line. “I know. You can’t touch me now

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