Chapter 1218

“After three days, if I don’t see the money,” He put the knife under her chin, “I’ll post all those naked pictures of yours so that Mr. Tanner can see what his girlfriend would do for money.” Sandy’s shoulders were shaking, and the pain in her belly turned her pale. Lenny finally left with his men. Sandy noticed blood coming out between her legs and opened up her skirt to check. The pain made her drop to the floor in tears. She took a deep breath and crawled up to the couch to call Tanner, but Tanner didn’t pick up. … Pearl’s assistant walked out of the elevator and saw Tanner walking out with his jacket in hand and no tie. His shirt was wrinkled too. The assistant was surprised, but Tanner walked past her straight into the elevator before she could ask. She pushed the door open. “Ms. Santiago, Mr. Hannigan—” When she saw the scene, it made her freeze. Pearl was curled up on the couch with only her underwear on, her hair was a little messy, and she could see marks on her s

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