Chapter 1219

Tanner pulled his hand away and calmly asked, “What happened?” Sandy was stunned, and then a tear rolled down her cheek, looking delicate. “Would you believe me?” Tanner looked at her. She propped herself up meekly. “It… it was Ms. Santiago. She didn’t want me to have this child, so she sent someone to beat me up and caused the miscarriage. Tanner was still silent. Sandy sobbed. “It was all my fault. I shouldn’t have gone back to you. I shouldn’t have dreamed of becoming your wife. My poor child. He hasn’t been born and hasn’t seen the world yet, but he has already left. Tan, I’m so sad I don’t want to live anymore.” Tanner rolled his eyes and helped her lie down. “Take a rest, don’t be silly.” “Tan,” Sandy looked at him, “Would you leave me now that our child is gone? I’ve lost my son, so I only have you left.” Tanner looked at her calmly. She was still the woman he loved, the delicate woman who needed his protection, but he could no longer be sure whether her love and deli

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