Chapter 1220

However, was Sandy going to give up just like that? No1 … Lucy and Naomi went to the cafe nearby to try out some newly launched cakes during lunchtime. “The cakes here are quite nice. A lot of people are talking about them on Instagram, and that’s how I was poisoned.” Naomi was curious. “What do you mean poisoned?” Lucy paused, “That means I wanted to try them really badly. When someone online recommends something so that everyone knows about it.” Lucy then tapped her head. “Don’t you go online a lot? I think you’re quite young, but there seems to be an age gap between us.” Naomi pushed her hair behind her ear and smiled awkwardly. “I’m not a fan of social media.” “That’s why.” Lucy took a scoop of cream. “But I can understand. A socialite like you probably is very strictly controlled by your family. It isn't surprising that you don’t have time to go online.” Naomi smiled but didn’t answer. She had no idea how to explain her past. “By the way,” Lucy looked around and leaned i

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