Chapter 1230

Tanner gave off a faint smile. “I can clarify for Pearl about the gossip that’s spreading like wildfire on the Internet.” Mrs. Santiago’s expression turned slightly restrained, and she said in a stern voice, “Even if you don’t take any action, our daughter is still innocent.” “But will anyone believe it?” Tanner managed to choke Mrs. Santiago with only one question. Mrs. Santiago’s face paled. “What do you mean by that?” Tanner replied calmly, “Sandy died after all, but her death is thought to have something to do with Pearl. Sandy once told me that she had a miscarriage because of Pearl—” “Bullsh*t!” Mrs. Santiago smacked the table, stood up, and refuted furiously, “Tanner Hannigan, I don’t care what’s your purpose for coming here, but my daughter has never done anything to that woman. Don’t you ever think you can put any of the blame related to that d*mn woman on my daughter’s shoulders.” “Will the public care about what the truth looks like? They only want the result.” Tanner

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