Chapter 1231

“Sandy is now dead.” Tanner approached Pearl with mixed emotions surging from the bottom of his eyes. “So how about you stay by my side on behalf of her from now on?” Pearl’s shoulders trembled, and tears were streaming down her cheeks. “What have I done to deserve this?” “Indeed, you haven’t done anything. You can blame it on the fact that we’re now tied to each other.” Tanner grabbed her by her neck and pulled her closer, his eyes bloodshot. “Everything would have been better if you hadn't appeared in my life. Without you, Sandy and I wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today, and she wouldn’t have chosen to end her life either.” Looking at the tear that was rolling down from the corner of her eye, Tanner pushed her away and turned away from her. “At this point, even though this is not the right thing to do, we can only move on with what we have since we’ve already made the wrong choice in the first place. Pearl Santiago, if you don’t want these photos to be sent to your parents,

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