Chapter 1232

Barbara stood by and watched until Helios finished the call. She then asked, “Did he agree to come along?” Helios placed his phone on the desk, stretched out, and hugged her. “He’s agreed to it, but I’m putting my bet on the fact that he’ll be livid when he finds out that we intend to arrange a blind date for him.” Barbara smoothed his collar. “Zee claimed that the chances of this girl getting together with Francisco are as high as 90%.” “Is she that certain?” Helios narrowed his eyes slightly, and he seemed to be a little curious about who the girl that Maisie mentioned was. Barbara lifted his head, made him look at her, and chuckled softly. “You’ll know by then, won’t you?” … On the day of the outing, Maisie and Nolan took the two kids to the outskirts of the town to pick a spot before anyone’s arrival. They finally chose a place with beautiful scenery that was very suitable for camping. The water in the lake was very shallow and looked clear, so crystal clear that one could s

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