Chapter 1247

“It turns out to be Mr. Clifford. I’ve heard so much about you.” Anthony raised his glass and proposed a toast. Jackie raised his glass and said with a smile, “I’ve also heard a lot about you, Mr. Topaz. Especially about your overseas collaboration in the Persian Gulf project.” Anthony was astounded and smiled. “The success of the Persian Gulf project is the joint effort between the other investors and me. They’re the ones who should get most of the credits when compared to me.” Jackie slowly finished the red wine. “Mr. Topaz, you’re being too modest.” “By the way, do you know my daughter?” Anthony took a glance at Naomi. He had seen Jackie talking to his daughter a few seconds ago. Jackie paused for a second. “Is this young lady your daughter?” He responded, “Yes, my daughter rarely attends such occasions, so I’ve been bringing her along to get her to adapt to them recently.” “I see.” Jackie explained calmly, “We just met at the dinner banquet the other day.” Listening to the

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