Chapter 1248

“It’s no wonder that Mr. Topaz brought his daughter over tonight. This seems to be his intention.” Listening to the comments of the people around him, Anthony smiled without saying a word. ‘I do hope that Naomi will get into too much contact with an excellent man like Jackie.’ At 9:00 p.m. Nolan had left the banquet and returned to the Blue Bay villa. Maisie was dumbfounded when she saw him coming back so early. “Why did you come back so soon?” Nolan undid his tie and took off his jacket. “The dinner was boring, so I wanted to come home earlier to accompany my wife.” Maisie sneered and took the jacket from him. “Why? Wasn’t there a pretty woman at the dinner party?” He hugged Maisie from behind, buried his face in her hair, and smirked. “Other than you, other women are all men to me.” She turned around and pressed her finger against his lips. “You’d better watch out for that glib tongue of yours.” He responded lightly with a hum, straightened his posture, and gently rolled up

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