Chapter 1249

It was probably Naomi’s first time listening to someone else praise Francisco. Naomi lifted her head and looked at Maisie. “Ms. Vanderbilt, do you think he’s a good man too?” “I went to the training camp for more than half a month back in the day, and back then, Francisco was...” Maisie stirred the soup in the bowl. “Should I say unruly and very active? But he’s indeed become a lot more mature now.” Naomi pursed her lips. “I... I didn't know him before, but I don’t care what he was like before.” “Why do you like him?” Maisie’s words made Naomi think of the question that Francisco had asked her three times before this. She lowered her gaze. “I don’t know that either. I just think that he’s a fine man.” ‘Is it because I saw his kind gesture at the hospital? Or is it because he saved me from certain embarrassment by paying for my coffee at the cafe? Or maybe it’s because of that time when he helped me out when we rammed into the rear-end of someone else’s car and were almost scammed

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