Chapter 1250

Francisco called back after a few minutes, and she answered the call with a smile. “Hello...” After hearing something that came from the other end of the phone call, Naomi’s expression changed slightly. At the hospital… Naomi rushed to the door of the ward. Besides Francisco, a middle-aged man was also standing in the ward, his father, Eugene. Francisco had a plaster cast on his left leg, and it seemed that there was nothing serious except his leg injury. He sat on the hospital bed and glanced at Naomi. Eugene also looked over and wondered. “She’s...” Francisco replied indifferently, “A friend.” “Since you’re fine, then have a good rest.” Eugene got up and left the ward. Naomi walked over to the hospital bed and stared at him. “Are you okay?” “It’s okay. It’s just a flesh wound.” Francisco gave off a faint smile. “So, don’t worry.” Naomi lowered her head and bit her lower lip. “I’m sorry, I... I called because I hadn’t received your reply. I didn’t know that my action would c

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