Chapter 1251

When Naomi heard that, her tears dropped like pearls from a broken necklace. She clasped her heart in pain, turned around, and ran without looking back. Francisco saw her disappear from the door, and his heart suddenly ached. The feelings that he was suppressing made his face twitch. Samantha couldn’t hold it in any longer, so she walked into the room. “How could you do that!?” He was surprised. “Mom—” “Samantha—” Kennedy tried to stop her, but it was too late. Francisco’s face turned after the slap, but he kept quiet. Samantha took a deep breath and spoke when she calmed down. “I think you have feelings for the girl, and sending her away hurts you. What made you do that? Why can’t you deal with the issue together?” He looked down and replied after a moment, “Mom, let me deal with it.” “Let you deal with it? Do you think I’d care if you weren’t my son? Alright, I’ll let you be.” Samantha pointed at him. “You did this to yourself. Now live with it.” She was worried about her

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