Chapter 1260

‘I guess my job is done here.’ Jackie placed the glass in front of his lips and took a sip from the wine. Looking at the empty glass, he couldn’t help himself and chuckled. It seemed to him that he had become the “cupid.” Why had he agreed to such a boring thing at that time? It didn't seem like his style to pair up a couple. Suddenly, his phone on the table rang. He took a look at the incoming call and frowned before answering it. “Grandpa.” Thomas’ voice blurted out through the other side of the line. “You br*t, I'll give you two days to return.” Jackie placed his hand on his forehead. It seemed to him that his grandfather had learned about the fake engagement. … Naomi woke up from Francisco’s arms. She felt like she was dreaming when she looked at the face that was right beside her. Slowly, ever slowly, she approached him and planted a kiss on his lips lightly. Suddenly, Francisco stretched his arm and pulled her into his embrace, stunning her. She was caught red-handed ki

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