Chapter 1261

Anthony lowered his gaze. He was really startled when he heard about Naomi and Jackie’s engagement. After all, the two youngsters had not known each other for a long time, so he was worried about the sudden blitz marriage, not to mention that Francisco had just broken up with her not long ago. Because he was a little concerned and did not dare to let his guard down, he talked to Nolan. After all, Nolan had some connections with the Cliffords. He also learned about the truth from Nolan, saying that Jackie was having a fake relationship with his daughter. Jackie had already had a marriage agreement before he got to know Naomi, and the other party was the daughter of the king of casinos in Octavia. It was a marriage that the two families recognized. Jackie’s fake engagement with Naomi was to test Francisco’s attitude. Although Anthony was a little furious when he learned the truth, the news was indeed better than Jackie approaching his daughter only to cheat on her. “Dad.” Naomi sat b

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