Chapter 1262

Maisie stood on the balcony and was talking to someone over the phone. When she ended the call, a jacket was draped over her shoulders. She looked back at the man who hugged her from behind. “Why have you come home so early?” Nolan chuckled. “The company has nothing much that requires my attention today, so I’ve come back earlier.” Maisie turned to look at him. “Francisco and Naomi have gotten together for real this time around. It seems that the fake engagement was quite effective.” “You’re the only person in this world who would think of asking Jackie to help them out.” Nolan gently rubbed the tip of her nose and narrowed his eyes. “But judging from his personality, he wouldn’t help you out without asking for anything in return. So, how did you get him to say yes to your proposal?” Maisie sneered, stood on tiptoe, and wrapped her arms around his neck. “That’s all thanks to you.” He frowned. “Thanks to me?” “You’re his cousin, so how can he not show you some respect? He wouldn’

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