Chapter 1274

Ryleigh carefully carried the baby in her arms. She was stunned when the baby grabbed her thumb with his little fingers. “So, all babies are so tiny when they are born.” “That’s right. Louis was this tiny as well when I gave birth to him. His skin was all wrinkled up, and he was ugly,” Larrisa chimed in. Louis was rendered speechless, and Ryleigh chuckled. Louis sat at the side of the bed and took the baby over from Ryleigh. The baby started crying as soon as he was in Louis' arms. He panicked and asked, "Why is he crying?" Maisie walked over. “Come, let me carry him.” She took over the baby from Louis and held him in her arms. She patted the baby gently with practiced ease. After a minute, the baby stopped crying. Larrisa came over and laughed. "It seems like he likes you very much, Maisie.” The nurse brought the baby back to the nursery. Maisie and Barbara did not stay back since they knew Ryleigh needed to rest, so both of them left the hospital. … Late at night, Tanner s

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