Chapter 1275

‘I'll never, ever fall in love with you!’ Pearl was stunned. She felt as if someone had stabbed her in her heart. Her shoulders trembled, and tears began to roll down from her eyes. “I didn’t—” Tanner clasped his hands on her cheeks and pulled her closer. Pearl bit into his shoulder so hard that he pushed her away reflexively in pain, causing her to fall on the glass shards on the floor. “Pearl!” Tanner hurriedly ran over and scooped her up from the floor. His whole body trembled when he saw the scene in front of him. The glass shards had stabbed into Pearl's cheek. Tanner carried her in his arms and rushed her to the hospital. At the hospital… Tanner sat against the wall of the emergency exit. The floor was littered with cigarette butts, and his palm and collar were dyed with her blood. When he thought about the wounds on Pearl's cheek, Tanner covered his face with his palms in pain as a tear slid down in the darkness. He returned to the ward despondently and sat down on th

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