Chapter 1276

Tanner drove to the beach and saw a person standing under the lighthouse not far away. He braked the car abruptly, got out of the car, and dashed straight toward the lighthouse, not even bothering to answer the ringing phone. “Pearl!” Tanner ran towards the figure. “Don’t—” Pearl plunged into the ocean without hesitation, and the turbulent sea engulfed her whole. The icy seawater blocked all sounds the moment she jumped into the sea, wrapping her sinking body. An arm held onto her, and Tanner carried her upstream. On the shore, he placed his hands one over the other, pressed them against her chest, and performed CPR. The bone-piercing chill stiffened his entire body, but he did not dare to stop, not even for a moment. “Pearl, please—” Tanner’s arm muscles contracted and relaxed over and over again as he continued performing CPR. “Please wake up!” Several cars parked behind Tanner’s car, and Helios led his men out of the car. One of the bodyguards pointed to the lighthouse. “Over

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