Chapter 1277

Antonio came to the nurse station and asked one of the nurses who were on duty, “Excuse me, why hasn’t my daughter woken up after so many days?” The nurse skimmed through Pearl’s diagnosis and case and then explained slowly, “When a patient exhibits such a condition, it can only be concluded that it’s due to certain psychological factors. This usually happens to patients who have mood swings or wish to escape from reality through extreme means. That’s why they’ll remain in self-isolation even after being cured. “If the patient is conscious but unwilling to wake up, family members should stay here, accompany her more frequently, and communicate with her to stimulate her cranial nerves. That might help her regain consciousness prematurely.” Antonio nodded. He walked back to the ward with a heavy heart and saw Mrs. Santiago standing by the bed, watching over her daughter and sobbing silently. He took a deep breath, grabbed his coat, walked up to her, and draped it on her. “You should

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