Chapter 1278

Tanner quickly got up and ran outside to summon the doctor. The doctor rushed into the ward to run a thorough check-up on her. Not long after the incident, Mrs. Santiago and Antonio hurried over. “Pearl!” Seeing her daughter sitting on the bed, Mrs. Santiago completely ignored Tanner’s existence, reached out, and caressed her cheeks excitedly. She could not help but cry. “My precious daughter, you’re finally awake.” “It’s great that you’ve finally woken up. This is great.” Antonio seemed to be relieved, and a huge stone seemed to have been lifted from his heart at this moment. Pearl looked expressionless. Even though she had regained consciousness, she had not uttered a single word. Mrs. Santiago stared at her suspiciously and stroked the long hair that was hanging over Pearl’s cheeks to reveal her entire face. “Pearl?” At that moment, Pearl moved her dry lips, and her hoarse voice sounded. “Who are you?” Mrs. Santiago and Antonio were immediately stunned. The two looked at Ta

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