Chapter 1279

Pearl nodded, and she seemed very curious. Tanner gazed into the distance. “It all started with my marriage to her. At that time, I only agreed to the marriage at the request of my family, but I didn’t like her…” ‘I first met Pearl at the dinner between the Hannigans and the Santiagos. It wasn’t that I hadn’t seen Ms. Santiago from the La Perla Group, and it wasn’t that I didn’t know her. Pearl Santiago has always been rumored to be an arrogant and domineering b*tch, and the scandal that took place at the socialite party a few years ago was the event that turned her into the target of public criticism. ‘Because Maizie’s actions had implicated the Hannigans, in order to consolidate the Hannigans’ status in Bassburgh, father asked me to marry such an unbearable and disgraced woman. And I couldn’t help but find this whole facade ironic. ‘I met Pearl at that dinner, and that was the first time I really got to her.’ ‘She did not look arrogant at all. She looked just like any other dign

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