Chapter 1313

‘Even if she’s investigated Mrs. Goldmann before this, it’s impossible for her to know everything down to the very details as if she’s very close to Mrs. Goldmann. Besides, if Maxine wants to avenge Sue Reynolds, the person that she should hate should be Rowena because Rowena was the one who killed Sue. So, why would she make Mrs. Goldmann her primary target instead?’ Nolan stopped in front of the elevator, fastened his buttons while listening to Quincy’s mumbling, and turned to look at him. “This isn’t an act of revenge.” The elevator’s doors opened at this moment. Quincy followed Nolan in and pressed the floor button. He could not help but wonder. “What is it if it’s not for revenge? She’s doing so just for fun?” Nolan laughed. “If what you want is revenge, will you end the other party directly?” Quincy paused for a bit. “That’s for sure. However, what I do must be permitted by law.” “That’s it.” Nolan’s expression looked meaningful and profound. “If all she wanted were to take

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