Chapter 1314

Maisie was stunned. “He didn’t like her?” Alfred sighed. “Lorraine came from the maternal side of the family and is considered a distant relative. Although it was already in the post-reform era, the Wolfsbanes were a huge and wealthy family at that time and retained some feudal ideology. “Mr. Summers was a boy, so he had better education, but Lorraine’s story was different. She didn’t have the opportunity to attend school at that time, so her education level was different from that of Mr. Summers, and it was difficult to get along with someone whose ideas and concepts were so distinct from hers. “What’s more, Lorraine was Mr. Summers’s cousin, so in other words, he was forced to marry his own cousin. Even though they weren’t closely related, still, not many people could accept it back then.” Maisie was a little surprised to hear that. Marriages between close relatives were basically an ancient tradition. It was very common before the late 19th century, especially amongst large and

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