Chapter 1329

“Yeah...” Upon hearing what Daisie said, Lisa’s tears rolled down. But Maxine had already cut off the call before she could say anything. She handed Lisa’s cell phone to the man sitting in the front passenger seat, turned her head to look at Lisa, who was weeping softly right next to her, and patted her shoulder with a smile. “Don’t be afraid, aren’t you friends? If you’re friends, she’ll understand your actions even if you’ve betrayed her.” Soon, Daisie received a call from Lisa, who was currently waiting for her at the parking lot outside the school. She ran to the school gate but was stopped by one of the bodyguards. “Young lady, where are you going?” “I’m going to pick up my friend.” Daisie pushed the bodyguard away. Nonetheless, the bodyguard managed to block her way. “You can’t go out. Mr. Goldmann said that both you and the young master can’t leave before school is over without his permission.” “What do you mean?” Daisie was a little pissed off. “I’m just going out to pick

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