Chapter 1330

Maisie stood up. “Thank you for the hard work.” The police officer responded, “You’re welcome. It’s thanks to you, ma’am. You’re the one who’s able to convince the criminal into a confession.” Maisie smiled. ‘Rather than saying that I’ve convinced him into a confession, I believe it sounded more like a threat. It seems that this man is extremely loyal to Maxine. He’d rather take on all the charges than implicate Maxine.’ Maisie left the police station and sent a message to notify Yorick. After all, she had promised her uncle she would inform him of the result. As soon as she got into the car, her cell phone rang, and her eyes dimmed when she glanced at the caller ID. She picked up the phone and answered it but did not speak. The other party giggled. “Maisie Vanderbilt, you should be very thankful that your daughter’s fine.” Maisie remained calm and composed. “Maxine Reynolds, what do you want?” “Don’t even think you can force me to give up just because I can’t leave town. Mais

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