Chapter 1331

However, after seeing how miserable Lisa looked, Maisie’s expression changed in an instant. “What have you done to that child!?” Lisa’s skirt was stained with blood, her bruised face was so swollen that Maisie could hardly recognize her, and there were bloodstains on the corners of her lips too. She seemed to have been tortured, and her gaze looked absent, blank, and dimmed. The man only nudged her, and she could not even keep her feet under her body, lost her balance, and fell to the floor. Upon seeing this, Maisie’s jawline tightened, and the bottom of her eyes was dyed scarlet. All children were always extremely precious to their parents, and seeing a child suffer such abuse would make any mother lose their cool. Although Lisa was not her child, Maisie was still a mother. It was impossible for her to stay indifferent! Maxine chuckled even more happily, seeing the chill beaming from Maisie’s eyes as if she were about to tear her into pieces. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling bad

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